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6000 miles Paramotor Adventure.

A super enthusiastic pilot Jean Francois Chabaud is about to fly from California all the way to Florida, cross the sea to Cuba and then again fly of the sea to Mexico to return back home over the land.

Current status: FINISHED!

Adventure Wingman donation: The total value of the sponsorship is well over USD 5,000.

The Adventure Highlights:

This flying adventure is extreme. Extreme for many reasons. 

  • First of all the distance. 6000 miles is the longest flying adventure ever attempted.  Will the motor last? Will the pilot?
  • the 3 major water crossings for a total of 300 miles over sea .  The three water crossing are very risky but not that much as long as the engine runs smoothly.  Jean Francois will have to carry 4 different kind of flotation device and water personal tracking device.
  • JeanFrancois will have to fly during the middle of the day and so get subject to abnormal thermal conditions. Some days it could be 300 miles (depending on wind direction.)


It is going to be a big event for the Paramotor community because they will be able to follow him live (Garmin InReach), Utube, Facebook, Instagram, Outside TV online platform, and more likely TV news. Live interview while flying will be conducted and Live Podcast will be perform as well.  Jean Francois will make sure that every day one of you guys will be able to call me and ask me questions (hopefully while I’m flying)

About the Athlete:

Jean Francois is French, living in Santa Fe NM since 1995.

He is a super enthusiastic pilot with lots of long distance paramotor experience. 
Recently he completed an adventure flight from NM to California or 700 miles unsupported.

He also organized the Rio Grande Paramotor Adventure

Colorado River is next on his list


The route: It will be an amazing flying adventure taking me along the entire length of Southern most of the US, to Cuba, Cancun and Yucatán, Belize (and maybe flying in Guatemala) then crossing the shortest width of Mexico to the West Mexican coast and up the coast then crossing to Baja and back to the US. I ill be following the US/Mexico border for a short while.

This trip will be fully supported except over the water gaps. If everything goes as planned it will take me 60 days to complete (depending on weather). I’m the sole organizer of this adventure and so far the only pilots flying the entire trip. 
My two French nephew (Nans and Nathan) will be my drivers, video crew and video editing crew. None of them ever flown a paraglider even less a Powered Paraglider, but they are going to get some training 6 days prior the start of the trip. 

Starting from Torrey Pines Gliderport (San Diego) February 7th and expecting to fly for 60 days strait. 

Online info:

Join the facebook group to get instant updates.

Real-time tracking info: GARMIN inReach.

Join the adventure!

Several pilots from USA and Mexico will join on different sections of the route.

I’ll be stopping at 3 Paramotor events (or more) 
along the way

  • Salton Sea event
  • Glamis Dune Gathering
  • Flying Circus event. 

During this two first event I created a few more sub-event.     At the Salton Sea I scheduled the first ever annual fly around the lake XC or about 100 miles flying at the safest place to try your first long XC. I already have 25 pilots signed up.     At Glamis I have a project to film from the sky a very powerful Polaris RZR. After Glamis I’ll have a long flight to the Flying Circus event where I’ll spend a day then I’ll be on for my long flight without any more specific stops. 

“I do encourage other pilots to fly with me for some sections so I assume that I’ll never be really flying alone.  “

Supported by AdventureWINGMAN

Total estimated budget is $15,000.00. not including direct flying equipment.

AW provides direct support to JF and his team in a total value of over USD5,000:

  • Paramotor free to use for the whole trip. The adventure is unprecedentedly long and the paramotor will be basically consumed… We assume around 200+ hours in very hard conditions. 
  • Special 18 liter tank.
  • Some spare carbon parts 
  • carbon repair kits
  • spare prop
  • Adventure side bags
  • Adventure front bag

The total value of the sponsorship is well over USD 5,000.