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Why we are doing this?

We believe that adventure flying is the future of paramotor sport. Most pilots dream about their paramotor adventures but sadly only very few actually go for it. Adventure flying seems too challenging to them and there seem to be obstacles too many.

We do not take obstacles as granted. Because we always challenge what others take as impossible. And we believe that in the end it is actually a lot easier than it seemed at the beginning. This is why we want to:

  • Inspire people to dream about their amazing paramotor adventures. Escape the ordinary.
  • Encourage people to believe their dreams could be easily real
  • Trigger people to follow their idea now, not later.
  • Award and reward those who keep pushing our sport further.
  • Share the paramotor adventures with the community to inspire others


whatsapp/phone: +421 907 561 083 (Miroslav) is a project of

SCOUT Adventures o.z.
Hadovska cesta 870
SK-945 01 Komarno
Slovak Republic

SCOUT adventures o.z. is a non-profit non-governmental organisation listed in the Registry of Civic Associations run by the Ministry of interior affairs in Slovak Republic.

AdventureWINGMAN is a non-profit fund funded by donations of private entities and individuals.