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ADVENTURE IN SAHARA REFUGEES CAMP – Adventure Wingman gtag('config', 'AW-752276287');


Flying over deserts of Algeria, where more than 400.000 refugees fight for survival in poor conditions fore decades. No, flying at 100 metres over their camp will not ease their situation, but will help to share the perspective with the world.. Landing at the camp will get the closeup view to share stories of the individual men, women and children and about their hopes or hopelessnes.

Current Status of the Adventure: ON HOLD

This adventure has definitely got or attention and also the attention of the paramotor community as it received lots of votes.

Unfortunately Victor has informed us about the latest situation in Algeria. He tried to get permits from the local authorities and the military but due to the actual safety situation he was not allowed.

We love this project and wanted to support it. Yet, it seems there is no other choice but to set it on hold for now and wait for the suitable time to come. Sad story for us, just imagine how sad it must be for the refugees in the camps.

Victor promised to come up with some more ideas for Adventure Wingman.

The Adventure Highlights:

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About the Athlete:

Victor Moncho Rodriguez is an experienced pilot from Spain, participating in several competitions, slalom racing and Parabatix races. He is a firefighter by profession and with his team they visited Algeria refugees camps as volunteers.

Now it is time to get back on a paramotor….