Adventure Wingman has donated USD 6,125 for two new amazing adventures.

12 creative ideas

3 applications

2 adventures approved

amount donated: USD 6,125

We have received 12 exciting applications in the first stage

In the first round of applications in June 2019 we have receive 12 amazing applications. We were positively surprised that only one of them did not fall into the scope of our support policy. Other 11 were amazing and we consulted the pilots about details, guiding them through the preparation process.

It seemed impossible to choose the favorite.

3 teams have submitted the Video application

The video application is the second phase. Team have introduced themselves in a short video and described the goals and challenges of the adventures. Aside, they submitted a non-public detailed application.

You, the paramotor community has voted

Thank you for your support. Many of you have added supportive comments. Many of you have shared your enthusiasm! Be sure, we will forward your messages to the adventure teams…

Adventure Wingman donates USD 6,125 for two adventures.

Unfortunately the Sahara refugees adventure has been withdrawn. Victor has informed us about the latest situation in Algeria. He tried to get permits from the local authorities and the military but due to the actual safety situation he was not allowed.

We love this project and wanted to support it. Yet, it seems there is no other choice but to set it on hold for now and wait for the suitable time to come. Sad story for us, just imagine how sad it must be for the refugees in the camps.

Victor promised to come up with some more ideas for Adventure Wingman.

Adventure Wingman donations:

  • Adventure Wingman donation for Operation Resurrection: Arizona Adaptive Air Adventure : USD 5,000.
  • Adventure Wingman donation for Around the Sierra Nevada Mountains: USD 1,250.

Good luck, guys!

Approved adventures:

850 miles paramotor adventure in one of the most iconic landscapes from green valleys with white rivers across high snowy
A paramotor adventure of disabled veterans with various levels of challenges and abilities... no less than 10 program alumni, with conditions
A super enthusiastic pilot Jean Francois Chabaud is about to fly from California all the way to Florida, cross the


Hurry up! the next deadline for applications is Sept.30, 2019!

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