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Sponsored adventures

Flying paramotors is no doubt the best way to explore and discover:

  • Flying low & slow allows us to have a direct connection with the country like no other aircraft. Flying inside a canyon or touching a waterfall with the wing is priceless.
  • short take-offs and landings allow us to camp anywhere
  • flying without a cockpit allows us to take amazing photos and videos to share the adventure with others
  • the whole aircraft is so small that it can be checked-in and taken anywhere in the world

We feel privileged to inspire, encourage, trigger and share these amazing adventures to the whole paramotor community.

$ 11,125 donation so far:-)

So far we have approved some adventures while one of them has been already accomplished. The total value of support was more than 11 thousand USD.

Flying over deserts of Algeria, where more than 400.000 refugees fight for survival in poor conditions fore decades. No, flying
850 miles paramotor adventure in one of the most iconic landscapes from green valleys with white rivers across high snowy
A paramotor adventure of disabled veterans with various levels of challenges and abilities... no less than 10 program alumni, with conditions
A super enthusiastic pilot Jean Francois Chabaud is about to fly from California all the way to Florida, cross the

For period of 2022/2023 we have raised 18 400 euros for multiples adventures.


Do you have an adventure that you are thinking for a long time but never have a balls to do it? We can help your with that, be the adventure starter for you! Check our application and see, if we are a good fit!

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