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Apply for support

Initial Application for Adventure Wingman Funds

First, please send us a initial application. Not too much talking, easy and quick summary of your plans. We will be as quick as possible to give you feedback on this.
The initial application is not public. You can find the inital application in the end of this page.

 Consulting process + guidance

This initial application serves us to guide you in case your project would not meet our criteria perfectly. Our experienced team will happily give you further advice. Hey, we are your wingman! We will try to contact you as soon, as possible with some guidance. The time frame on this part of the application depends on the both sides and cannot be set.

Detailed application

After the consulting and guidance is over, we will send you on your contact email link with a google form with some juicy and more detailed questions of your project. This will take you more time, but it will be worth it! We will have 30 days to evalute your project if all questions are answered.

Choosing the coolest adventures

Applications will be evaluated based on these criteria:

  • How cool/pioneer/challenging/exotic is the adventure?
  • Does the adventure follow a higher cause (wildlife protection, human rights, personal emotional message, …)?
  • Is the adventure reasonably safe? Sure, every adventure involves some risks and risks add value to adventure. Yet are safety concerns addressed? Is the team skilled enough to do it?
  • Is the team ready and skilled enough to share. We want to have fun, too! We want you to share your adventure with us and with the community. In the end it is the pilots community who paid for your adventure . Be grateful and share.
  • Is the budget relevant and smart?