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Video Application

The final application shall be submitted as a video.

We are all curious about your adventure but also about your ability to share the emotions and experience. In the end, this is how all those who donate to your adventure will enjoy it = as an audience.

It does not have to be a professional video. No need for expensive camera equipment nor sending weeks editing the footage. You should be rather very authentic. Be creative, be funny, be excited, be enthusiastic … be authentic to be able do infect the paramotor community and the jury with your enthusiasm.

Video content

No strict rules, use your creativity. This is just a quick guide for the video that you may or may not follow:

  1. Grab the attention by telling the highlights of the trip. Tell us why your adventure is unique/cool/exotic/challenging..
  2. Raise our interest with some more details about the adventure:
    1. Define the main goals of the adventure.
    2. Does the adventure follow a higher cause (wildlife protection, human rights, personal emotional message, …)?
    3. Provide more details: the route, your team, planing, timeline
    4. What are the main risks?
    5. What have you accomplished so far?
  3. Trigger our desire – trigger our imagination, make us want to join you, make us curious to see the videos and photos from the adventure – now it is time for emotions
    1. What are your personal challenges?
    2. What are your fears?
    3. Why exactly this adventure?
    4. What are you especially looking forward to?
  4. Call to action
    1. AdventureWINGMAN logo at the end – we will provide the video clip
    2. ask for the public vote
    3. Link to the for voting

Here is a example

Cool adventure, good camera, good edit.

Written Application

Together with the video, please send us a document containing following information.

Keep it short, we would rather go flying that reading long stories.

Avoid bull-shit, please. We are your friends, your wingmen, we are on your side, your wingmen, we are on your side.

  1. Executive summary
    1. Title of the adventure
    2. Executive summary
    3. Contact details for the team leader
  2. Highlights – this is already in the video, that’s fine
  3. Details
    1. Exact route
    2. Timetable
    3. Ground support, travel, …
    4. Gear and equipment available for the adventure
    5. Gear and equipment necessary but not available yet
  4. Team – please provide for all team members:
    1. Name, role in the team
    2. facebook/instagram/youtube links,
    3. skill/experience level,
    4. adventures already accomplished
  5. Safety
    1. What are the main risks and how are these addressed?
    2. Support car, safety boat, satellite monitoring,
  6. Sharing your adventure with the community
    1. What is the plan for publicity?
    2. Are any media involved? TV/magazines/…
    3. What camera equipment and crew will you have with you?
  7. Budget
    1. Detailed budget in chronological order. We recommend a table with following columns: expense title, amount, time of expense, note
    2. Who are the other sponsors if available?
    3. How will you source the rest of the budget?
    4. Would you do the adventure even without AdventureWINGMAN funding?
  8. Other
    1. Do you need any other help or advice?
  9. License to use your video –
    1. a written declaration that content of your video application is your intellectual property or you are entitled to use it
    2. License to upload your video our Youtube channel  and website. We will not make any modifications or edit the content.