Around the Sierra Nevada Mountains

850 miles paramotor adventure in one of the most iconic landscapes from green valleys with white rivers across high snowy peaks to badlands …

We hope this adventure could be an inspiration for many paramotor pilots. Simple, yet not easy … pushing yourself over your comfort zone a bit further and further. What could be better than enjoying such adventure with your fellow paramotor friends?

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The Adventure Highlights:

The Sierra Nevadas are known for extreme winds. Also the distances traveled over certain areas that are less than preferred for landing out. But, given all of our experience around the mountain range and a couple Cross Country flights in sections of this planned route, gives us confidence that could not be matched by a visiting pilot.

So what I’m saying is. Not too many people would be willing to do this trip unsupported or supported. But we are, more than you can ever imagine.

About the Team:

A team of three pilots lead by Adam Murray.

A s a team of three Pilots who all fly together on a regular basis and live in Lake Tahoe. Our adventures and experiences are blossoming quite nicely. After a few different cross-country unsupported missions and supported missions have gone down. Our dreams are starting to grow. That’s why we would like to circumnavigate the Sierra Nevada mountain range.!. From Lake Tahoe to Lake Isabella and back.


We will start in South Lake Tahoe at 6,400 ft elevation. We will push south over Sonora Pass And the beautiful mountains out side of Bridgeport Ca. Looking down on the Sawtooth Range and the Matterhorn. Ether landing at Bridgeport or HOPEFULLY make it to Mono Lake. With the right weather, we will push again that morning to Bishop Ca. Meeting up with Dave Turner and the Owens Valley Paragliding Community. Share our experience, stories and future ideas. Spreading the inspiration and joy of our adventure. Then we will head south to Lone Pine Ca. Looking in on Mount Whitney and all the amazing peaks and views that surround her. If the opportunity presents it’s self.

We will attempt to fly up into the Sierra and land at Horseshoe Meadow at 9,850 ft elevation. Take the day for some High Sierra adventuring! Or, we head south to Lake Isabella. This is our southern turn around point. After some fun there we will fly north west to Dunlap Ca. If the weather is good, we hope to do some thermaling there during the day. Our next step will be pushing to Mariposa. On the way there. We will do an un-supported fuel stop on the way. Landing at a gas station I once used on a Solo XC trip. Mariposa offers many activities. Sky Dive Yosemite is there and the airport offers complementary car for pilots to go in to there historic town. Then that night we head to Black Hawk Paramotor Ranch. Rest day and showers!

We will be meeting up with the PPG community there also. After Black Hawk we will do the last long 80 mile flight to Lincoln Ca for fuel and then to Grass Valley/ Nevada City. Spending the afternoon there and meeting up with friends. Then we will fly to Paradice Ca. Flying over the devastated area from last years wild fire. We will then fly the northen part of the Sierra. Looking in on the Sierra Buttes and north at Lassen National Park and landing at Lake Almanor. This is our northen turn around point. We will head south then, straight to Sierra Ville and do some hot spring camping. For our final leg back we have two options. We will ether fly to North Lake Tahoe or if the weather is good. We hope to land on top of Herlan Peak on the east shore of Lake Tahoe and camp for the night. Making our way the next morning back to the airport in South Lake Tahoe. Flying the east shore of the lake.

This is a trip of a life time and we want to share it. So we will be inviting people to fly parts of the trip with us.


This adventure is pretty low on budget yet a great value!. We are grateful for the organizers to join the AdventureWingman program despite the fact that they probably do not need the actual funds that much. We were pleased to find out taht the team shares the same values and goals as we do: to inspire others to commit to such adventures.

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  • The more votes it gets the more it matters! Yet we will not be able to cover all the costs. But every dollar counts just every vote does. Vote for this adventure and send a signal to the Adventure Committee how much you love this project to be more generous.

Deadline for voting: August 21st, 2019

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