Good times together: Brothers join for an extreme ski / paramotor adventure in Italian Alps.

Two brothers committed for an extreme alpine adventure: dropping the tandem passenger straight into the powder do ski down extreme virgin slopes…

Current status: ON HOLD

UPDATE from Simon after his brother had a paramotor accident:
My brother will need time: He will definitely need a few months to move his hand again (it is broken and also two fingers)The cuts will heal faster. I will keep  you updated also because of the snow situation.

…the winter is over, the snow is gone now and we need to wait for the next winter to accomplish this adventure. fingers crossed for Lukas to get fit.

About the Adventure:

In our homevillage Pfalzen in South Tyrol we will start with skis on our feets and a paramotor on the back into to wideness oft the wild south Tyrolean mountains. On 2000 meter above sea level my brother Lukas will drop me off from the Tandem Paraglider and I will ski down a steep and beautiful Freeride terrain. We will spend the night in a small and cozy alpine pastors hut, cook some Traditional southtyrolean “Muis” and just enjoy life to our fullest.

In the morning with a beautiful sunrise and after a peace night, we start near the hut and fly to the valley next to us to try another dropoff. After 2 days we fly back home where our family already awaits us: the 1 year old boy from Lukas, his wife, my girlfriend and our parents. They have hard times to accept what we do and yet we enjoy their love and support because they know we need our adventures for a happy and full life.

About the Athletes:

Simon Hitthaler: Me, Simon and my brother Lukas are both passionate outdoor adventurers. I am passionate for freeride skiing, especially extreme descents.

My brother Lukas loves skiing too, but is more fascinated from the paragliding sport. This year we decided to combine our two passions and search for an adventure together. This was not always like this: several accidents of my brother closely stopped him to live his passion, but he always fought hard to be back in the mountains with his paraglider. 2 weeks ago he nearly died by a paramotor accident.

We want inspire people to remember them what brotherhood, family and real passion means. Also we want to show what is possible with real willpower and a lot of practicing.