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Let us be your Wingman.

“A wingman is a pilot who supports another in a potentially dangerous flying environment.  Wingman was originally the plane flying beside and slightly behind the lead plane in an aircraft formation.”

We believe that adventure flying is the future of our sport. Most pilots dream about their paramotoring adventures but sadly, very few actually go for it. Adventure flying seems too challenging to them, and there seem to be too many obstacles .

We do not take obstacles for granted. Because we always challenge what others consider impossible. We believe that the greater the obstacle, the more glorious it will be to overcome. In the end, it is usually a lot easier than it seemed in the beginning. This is why we want to:

  • Inspire people to dream-up their their amazing paramotor adventures – escape the ordinary.
  • Encourage people to believe their dreams can become reality.
  • Trigger people to follow their instinct. Now! Not later.
  • Award and reward those who keep pushing our sport further.
  • Share the paramotor adventures with the whole community to inspire others .

We provide direct financial support for paramotor adventures.

Supported adventures so far:

It’s amazing. We have started this initiative just recently and already we have received some great applications:

Flying over deserts of Algeria, where more than 400.000 refugees fight for survival in poor conditions fore decades. No, flying
850 miles paramotor adventure in one of the most iconic landscapes from green valleys with white rivers across high snowy
A paramotor adventure of disabled veterans with various levels of challenges and abilities... no less than 10 program alumni, with conditions
A super enthusiastic pilot Jean Francois Chabaud is about to fly from California all the way to Florida, cross the

Inspired? Yes, it could be yours as well.

2022/2023 IS ON!

Continue reading to find out how to apply.

We will watch your back:

There are numerous ways we can help you to accomplish your amazing adventure:

  • We can donate direct financial support for you and for your team. Real cash. Really.
  • Even if your adventure is not very costly, you may consider taking a skilled videographer with you. We may cover these costs.
  • Feel free to talk to our ambassadors, get advice and guidance.
  • We will gladly promote your individual adventure. This way we can help you to get in touch with local pilots or find buddies for your adventure.
  • We can provide free editing of your video footage and make you look really like a pro. While you are busy with your next adventure :-), or just getting back to your daily routine:-(