Operation Resurrection: Arizona Adaptive Air Adventure

A paramotor adventure of disabled veterans with various levels of challenges and abilities… no less than 10 program alumni, with conditions ranging from PTSD, broken backs, metal rod implants, amputations, and even paralysis. Our plan is to initiate a supported paramotor adventure from throughout the southwest for one eventful week. With days filled with flying and nights filled with support and fellowship, this will be an amazing adventure for all involved.

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The Adventure Highlights:

The goal is to bring together a number of challenged and adaptive pilots in order to develop a true peer to peer support network that will do so much more to provide mentor-ship and camaraderie. This group of pilots will be made up of both foot launch and quad pilots. This group of pilots will demonstrate the true accessibility of this sport while also changing the idea of what is available to individuals seeking an avenue to personal aviation. Beyond the team building aspects we will be flying in an absolutely beautiful part of the country with unmatched vistas and natural sights to see adding to the majesty of the entire experience.

About the Team:

The adventure is organised by:
Resurgence PPG
in cooperation with
Haley Strategic Partners

The superstars of this adventure are no less than 10 program alumni, with conditions ranging from PTSD, broken backs, metal rod implants, amputations, and even paralysis.
The support team consists of 5 experienced and respected paramotor pilots/instructors to ensure safety of participants. The team is lead by Todd Scandrett (Resurgence PPG, President).


Exact route:
At this time the exact route has not been identified.  We will start in Scottsdale Arizona and through the course of the adventure fly north with hopes of flying near Antelope Canyon and Monument Valley in northern Arizona.  We would hope that our time and routes will allow us to experience some of the epic wonder and beauty that is Arizona.

The current timetable is not specified at this point due to funding solicitation and sponsorship.  We are currently planning for late winter or early spring of 2020.Ground support, travel, …:
The ground crew will have at least one non-flying member that is a certified paramedic, available to conduct initial medical aid as well as coordinate for medical evacuation if necessary.  The ground support caravan will also consist of a trailer that will transport tents, and camping supplies for our nightly stops.  We will have at least one full camper to service as a base of operations and kitchen to provide support to the team.  The ground support team will move the support vehicles are necessary throughout the day to meet the needs of the team.

What are the main risks and how are these addressed?
The main risk of this adventure will be typical environmental concerns.  Rough terrain, high density altitude along the route and weather considerations will all contribute to risk mitigation.

The greatest challenge will be the consideration of various disabilities during launch and landing location planning, route planning, and evacuation considerations.  The local terrain, with various altitudes, and rocky surfaces, will contribute to the increased risk of fall injuries during both takeoff and landing.  Dramatic temperature changes will also contribute to onset of fatigue that will diminish proper risk analysis and could contribute to poor decision making.

Another challenge will be the relative experience of the pilots.  The range of experience will span from more than a decade to only a few months at the time of our adventure.  This will require that everyone conducts a proper risk assessment of their own abilities prior to attempting any launch or crossing that may be beyond their experience level


This adventure goes big !
The total budget is over USD 30,000 for total of 15 pilots and 5 ground personnel. All the participants and support crew are volunteers, the budget is cut as low as possible to provide the best experience.

Other sponsors if involved:
The Independence Fund
The Hanger Clinic
Campers Inn RV
Haley Strategic Partners

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Operation Resurrection: Arizona Adaptive Air Adventure

A paramotor adventure of disabled veterans with various levels of challenges and abilities... no less than 10 program alumni, with ...
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