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Our Sponsors

The fund is generously sponsored by

Our goal is provide for the paramotor comunity the most epic paramotor adventures!

Donations by SCOUT paramotors

Whatever we do, we firstly challenge the limits that seem to be given. Often we realize that what others consider to be granted is not so at all. This is why we replaced aluminium and steel with carbon fiber in paramotor construction, this is why we replaced tube with proper airfoil profile, this is why we defeated torque steering when other gave up.

Driven by our passion we want to push this sport further and support the paramotor community by means no-one has done before.

We feel proud and privileged to donate 50 eur of every SCOUT paramotor produced to the

Donations by the Community of SCOUT pilots

We greatly appreciate the passion of our customers. Every customer purchasing a SCOUT paramotor donates another 50 eur to Such donation truly creates bonds and makes us all feel like one family.

With a donation 100 eur in total for every SCOUT paramotor we will be able to accumulate substantial funds.

Our goal is provide for the paramotor comunity the most epic paramotor adventures!


We do this because it feels right.

We are happy you like our idea and you would like to support us and the whole community.

Donations for individuals.

Any donations are welcome.

Details for bank transfer:
account name: SCOUT adventures o.z.
address: Hadovska cesta 870, SK-94501 Komarno, Slovakia
IBAN: SK14 1100 0000 0029 4905 3810

Please provide your name in the bank transfer comments so we can add you to the list of contributors. Welcome to the high altitude society:-)

Soon we will add PayPal for more convenient donation. Thank you for patience.

Corporate donations:

We are looking forward to see other companies joining us.
Please get in touch to discuss the details: