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“A wingman is a pilot who supports another in a potentially dangerous flying environment.  Wingman was originally the plane flying beside and slightly behind the lead plane in an aircraft formation.”

We believe that adventure flying is the future of our sport. Most pilots dream about their paramotoring adventures but sadly, very few actually go for it. Adventure flying seems too challenging to them, and there seem to be too many obstacles .

We do not take obstacles for granted. Because we always challenge what others consider impossible. We believe that the greater the obstacle, the more glorious it will be to overcome. In the end, it is usually a lot easier than it seemed in the beginning. This is why we want to:

  • Inspire people to dream-up their their amazing paramotor adventures – escape the ordinary.
  • Encourage people to believe their dreams can become reality.
  • Trigger people to follow their instinct. Now! Not later.
  • Award and reward those who keep pushing our sport further.
  • Share the paramotor adventures with the whole community to inspire others.

We provide direct financial support for paramotor adventures.

$ 11,125 donation so far! Find out more about them here.

2022/2023 IS ON!

After the covid break we are back! The last years were tought for all of us and we hope that time is over. We are going to continue our sponshorsip of your adventures and starting right a way for an application period.

Application period starts soon and will be evaluated continuous. That means, when there is a good and solid adventure to sponzor, we are IN!

For this year we have raised 18 400 euros for multiples adventures.

We will watch your back:

There are numerous ways we can help you to accomplish your amazing adventure:

  • We can donate direct financial support for you and for your team. Real cash. Really.
  • Even if your adventure is not very costly, you may consider taking a skilled videographer with you. We may cover these costs.
  • Feel free to talk to our ambassadors, get advice and guidance.
  • We will gladly promote your individual adventure. This way we can help you to get in touch with local pilots or find buddies for your adventure.
  • We can provide free editing of your video footage and make you look really like a pro. While you are busy with your next adventure :-), or just getting back to your daily routine:-(

The actual support

Adventure Wingman will provide financial and other types of support under following principles:

  • The Fund will cover up to 50% of the estimated costs of an adventure. It is up to the adventurer/team to source the rest of the funds.
  • Support is provided to adventures, not to the individual or teams. That means support is not aimed for purchasing gear but rather on covering direct cost of the actual project (e.g. plane tickets, support vehicle, sherpas, rescue boats, insurance, etc …). It’s possible to lend a paramotor or other for the project specifically in special cases to ease logistics costs or wear-and-tear.
  • Any pilot or team may apply. You do not have to be a SCOUT pilot.
  • Decision making process must remain very flexible. These projects may be very different and hopefully surprising as well. It may happen that an exciting project will be submitted that does not meet all the criteria and yet we feel the project is on the right track…the jury reserves the right to make flexible exemptions of the rules and publish detailed specific reasoning for every exemption.

Examples of costs we can cover

We may cover up to 50% of direct costs of the adventure, these my include

  • plane tickets, car rental, truck rental, shipping of paramotors, necessary lodging, campsites
  • support crew expenses, support vehicles , sherpas, rescue boats
  • insurance
  • CAMERA CREW – Do you have a insanely-good concept for an adventure planned, but lack the skills to capture and assemble the best footage? Take a skilled and talented friend with you as camera crew. We would cover their costs.
  • video editing – Please edit and publish if you can. If not, send us the footage after you come home and we will gladly do a professional edit for you.
  • Are you a crazy young stuntman with big brave balls? Do you have an idea for a great stunt that might potentially start your professional career? We will help you get the attention you deserve by providing a budget for promotion on YouTube or social media.

Keep it reasonable, of course.

What kind of adventures are we looking for?

No, this is the wrong question.
The real question is: What kind of adventure are YOU looking for?

Big Epic Adventures

Let’s push this sport one step further with great epic expeditions. Go to film wild horses in Romania or snow bears in Svalbard, … whatever.

Small “Weekend” Adventures

It does not have to be a “big thing”. We like small weekend projects, too. True adventure does not have to be necessarily in Nepal.

Crazy Stunts

Are you a young pilot with big brave balls or a pilot stuck deep in his midlife crisis wanting to escape the ordinary? As long as you keep it legal , we are with you all the way.

We are eagerly waiting for your thoughts and ideas.

Application Procedure

First, please send us a initial application. Not too much talking, easy and quick summary of your plans. We will be as quick as possible to give you feedback on this.
The initial application is not public.

This initial application serves us to guide you in case your project would not meet our criteria perfectly. Our experienced team will happily give you further advice. Hey, we are your wingman!

Preliminary approval does not grant the award but gets you one step closer.

Your commitments:

All we want from you is the same thing we did for you:

  • Make all other pilots positively envious and inspire them to take on their next adventure. This is why you need to document your adventure with videos, photos and stories.

“If it is not on video, it didn’t happen. “

  • Share your adventure: Make videos, post photos, give interviews in magazines or even TV news …
  • All your videos, your website, Instagram or Facebook posts,… shall be clearly labeled “Supported by” and marked with logos of the main sponsors of the Fund. We assume you will have other sponsors as well and we have no problem with that either.  
  • You will be committed to share all raw footage and photos with us and our main sponsors. We would use the footage to make a nice edit. We would also like to make a video compilation of all supported adventures at the end of the year. Now imagine how cool that will be!
  • Apart of that footage we will want you to shoot exclusive video interview shot before and after the trip. We will ask you to share your experience and know-how to encourage other pilots to do similar adventures.
  • Exclusive story/report for our website