Tucker Gott

  • Tucker is a young talented paramotor pilot, skydiver and base jumper.
  • winner of the 2017 Icarus Trophy race
  • lives his van-life dream of traveling and flying all over crazy places and landscapes
  • loves coffee and some actually believe he loves McDonald’s
  • and yes, watch his youtube channel>


  • Location: van life anywhere in USA
  • Website: Link

Steve Page

Steve has years of paramotor experience as well as adventure flying in UK, Malaysia, Spanish coast and Pyrenees and discovering Iceland on paramotor.

Steve is the smart one in our jury:

  • smart enough to avoid unnecessary risks in flying and yet still very young at soul
  • no unnecessary talking … gets straight to the point in the lovely polite way of a true English gentleman:-)
  • Location: United Kingdom

Miroslav Svec

Miroslav is the father of the AdventureWINGMAN idea:

  • as the lead designer, test pilot and director at SCOUT paramotors who is the main sponsor of the adventure fund.
  • Miroslav has lot of adventure flying experience. He got addicted to adventure flying since very beginning, completed lots of unsupported bivouac trips and Miroslav is winner if the 2016 Icarus Trophy 1900 km adventure
  • Miroslav also organizes paramotor trips and expeditions. His trips to Iceland became kind of legendary but other trips are definitely worth consideration too.

David Wainwright

…amazing pilot, patient and calm instructor, nice dude to hang out with…

Dave is one of the most experienced pilots out there and we rely on his judgment in the jury very much:

  • David Wainwright is the Owner and Chief Flight Instructor of High Adventure Paragliding
  • Bronze medal winner 2018 Australian Paramotor Championship
  • Bronze medal winner 2018 FAI World Paramotoring Championships  Thailand
  • Asia Oceana Paramotor Championship Thailand 2017 – 4th Place
  • European Paramotoring Championships 2017 – 7th Place
  • Australian Paramotor Champion 2016
  • Winner of the 2016 Icarus Trophy Paramotoring Race
  • Winner of the 2015 Icarus Trophy Paramotoring Race
  • Australian Paramotoring Champion 2015
  • multiple Australian paragliding champion…
  • Location: Australia
  • Website: Link

Shane Denherder

Shane is a very experienced paragliding and paramotor pilot and instructor.

He has extensive adventure flying experience and he was the race director of the Icarus Trophy in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Shane is the author of the Freestyle 101 project – a unique comprehensive guide to paramotor aerobatics.

  • Location: Utah, USA
  • Website: Link