Vote for the most Epic Paramotor Adventure now!

We have received so many great adventure ideas. Many of them are still in preparation but here are some that actually made it to an application.

Now please help us to decide.

Which one shall we give our support to?

To vote for the most exciting one, click below. Yes, you can give votes to more than just one.


Flying over deserts of Algeria, where more than 400.000 refugees fight for survival in poor conditions fore decades. No, flying ...
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Around the Sierra Nevada Mountains

850 miles paramotor adventure in one of the most iconic landscapes from green valleys with white rivers across high snowy ...
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Operation Resurrection: Arizona Adaptive Air Adventure

A paramotor adventure of disabled veterans with various levels of challenges and abilities... no less than 10 program alumni, with ...
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Deadline for voting: August 21st, 2019

Meanwhile our Adventure Committee will study all the applications too. The committee will surely take your voice seriously because this is who we do it for: for the whole paramotor community.

By submitting your vote you participate in a cool giveaway!

Hey, we know you voted not because of our prizes but because you are passionate about this adventure. Yet you deserve our thank you.

At the end of the year we will award one of pilots who participated and voted for their favorite adventure with a great set of paramotor adventure bags.
Randomly. Maybe it will be you.

The set consists of three great bags

  • front bag with a instrument desk. This bag is perfect to store your camera or any other items you need in flight. Perfectly accessible laying on your lap. For take-off and landing you attach it to your chest so you are free to run fast.
  • two large side bags. These bags fit right onto your gooseneck bar. Both bags are extendable with a zipper all around. Fill them up with heavy stuff as it does not change you center of gravity. They also serve as a great armrest:-)